Liposuction in Singapore

Liposuction can also be referred to as lipo which is a type of a cosmetic surgery that completely removes excess fat from the human body attempting to return the body to the shape it was before the fat. The concept involved in liposuction is rather simple. The surgical technique used improves the body’s contour by getting rid of excess fat deposits between the muscles and the skin. Liposuction usually involves the use of small stainless steel tubes known as the cannula. The cannula is to be connected to a pump suction which is very powerful and is inserted into the fat in the small incisions on the skin.

Removal of fat is accomplished when the suction cannula will create small tunnels through the fat layers. They tunnels will collapse after surgery resulting to an improved body contour. Areas of the body where liposuction techniques can be used when it comes to reduction of excessive fats include:

Abdomen and waists
Upper arms
Hips and buttocks
Inner knee
Ankles and calves
Neck, chin and cheeks

Liposuction may also be performed along and along with different other plastic surgery procedures. For example facelifts, tummy tucks and breast reduction.

Singapore has been known all over the world for it success when it comes to liposuction especially the vaser liposuction and laser liposuction. Most people who undergo this type of surgery here are usually taken through in every step in the procedure to avoid any complications that may incur after the surgery. Most doctors here in Singapore take this profession as it is a common ailment in the community. Many people there tend to use liposuction to be able to reduce the excessive fats in their body.


The price of having a liposuction in Singapore will range from anywhere from $1500 to $12000. At simple raffle hospitals, the main traditional procedure will cost atleast $8000 while the water jet assisted method will cost roughly about $10000 atleast. The ultrasonic assisted one will cost averagely $12000 atleast

Laser lipo can also be referred to as the laser guided liposuction, smart lipo or laser-assisted lipolysis. It is a plastic surgery procedure which uses laser energy to treat places in the body with excessive fats and improve contours. In Singapore laser lipo is highly recommended compared to other procedures because it;

Removes excessive fats in a mild to moderate the amounts
Is very mild to moderated skin laxity

Most hospitals in Singapore that specialize in such areas usually use two unique methods to perform laser liposuction. The first technique normally involves use of three steps. They rare:

The laser is mainly used deeply in the fat to break up the unwanted fat cells allowing fatty oils present to leak out thereby disrupting the cells for their subsequent removal.
The laser afterwards is them used in the superficial layer which is under the skin near the skin cells in order to heat them and stimulate them in producing more elastin and collagen.

The second technique uses the same steps as the first step but the difference is that rather than it removing the cell oils and fragments, it ensures these components are absorbed completely by the body. Laser liposuction is commonly reserved for body areas with low fat levels such as the neck and face where tightening of the skin is all that is necessarily required.

This procedure was developed by the VASER which can be defined to as a liposuction procedure which uses ultrasonic energy or UAL as a means of removing fat. The ultrasonic energy used will break up and emulsify the excess fat that is to be removed. It does this by facilitating the liposuction process by reducing the pain and excessive tissue damage. This process of liposuction is more advantageous because the healing process after surgery is quick and less painful.

The level of safety and precision in vaser liposuction allows most physicians in Singapore to shape and sculpt the delicate areas in the body. In singapore the main body part that allow vaser liposuction to be used are the arms, neck chin and inner thighs because they are areas that require more attention and are very delicate.
The only problem of vaser liposuction in Singapore is it costs for surgery. The average cost range of the vaser liposuction procedure is usually between $2500 and $3000 per body part. Extra charges can be incurred depending on the size area of the body part to be operated on.

Liposculpture is more similar to as liposuction as it is the surgical removal of accumulated fats and its transplants to another body part as to completely fill out facial contours. It can also be defined as the surgical withdrawal or removal and sometimes adding excess fat under the skin after using ultrasound energy to remove and break the fat in to tiny sections. The only difference between Liposculpture and liposuction is liposculpture removes excess fat through a tiny cannula (1mm in diameter) while liposuction requires a large cannula for incision.

Their healing process can also be different, in liposculpture the healing process is fast as there is minimal blood loss as compared to liposuction process. Most hospitals in Singapore usually separate the two when it comes to surgical requirements of different parts of the body. The procedure will depend on the body part and its sensitivity. The prices of liposculpture in Singapore are fairly cheap as they range from $500 to $1000.


Side effects in liposuction can be categorized in different sections that is:
Common side effects
Less common side effects
Dangerous side effects

Common side effects

Temporary soreness, bruising, swelling and numbness in and around the areas that are treated.
Minor scarring and irritation around the incision area sites where the cannulas was inserted.
Rippling or baggy skin if the procedure did not go as planned

Less common side effects

Changes in skin colour permanently
Skin surface becomes uneven over the treated area
Nerves and skin damage due to the heat generated in the ultrasound process.
Dangerous side effects
Excessive fluid and blood loss that lead to shock
Build up of excessive fluids in the lungs (pulmonary edema).
Occurrence of infection.
Toxic reactions to the injected solutions (lidocaine toxicity) especially in many areas treated often or large areas.
A large puncture into the cavity which contains abdominal organs or damages to organs such as the spleen.

In conclusion liposuction process is very helpful to people who require the removal of very excessive body fats as in bring the body to the shape it was before the accumulation of the fats. Use of liposuction in the body a lot may be very harmful and dangerous to your health especially if the area that is treated has been treated many times. Apart from that liposuction makes one feel more alive and beautiful or handsome again.